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Bitcoin acceptance point: Paws of Fun - Pet lifestyle

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Paws of Fun - Pet lifestyle


Tel: 02. 8959 08 79 Mon-Fri 10:00AM - 4:00AM


Once upon a time…

A dog owner named Stephanie found herself utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect products and services for her fur-kids, TomTom and Max.

I was looking for the ideal; I don’t think that is too much to ask for my family members. I wanted what we all want for our loved ones, something safe, eco-friendly, wholesome, beautiful, convenient, but at the same time affordable. I believe every doggy deserves the best we can offer them.

But on my search I couldn’t find anything to my ‘reasonably’ high standards. So you know what they say, if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself...

My Plans

Create a holistic approach to pet care by providing:

- A place to share new and exciting products that we love;

- A space for your canine companion to spend the day with their friends, play, learn new skills and relax in the care of professional staff - our philosophy is every dog deserves daycare; and

- An online destination for simple and easy to read information to share the love we have for all our four legged friends.

My Visions

My hope is to create a place that brings together all the qualities I have long dreamed about in a pet lifestyle brand...inspiring, dependable, beautiful design, sustainable and extraordinary service all wrapped up in a passion for social goodness, tied with a bow of honesty and sprinkled with a little bit of cheeky fun.

My dream is to re-define what you know of 'dog brands' and create something - with you - that's better for all dogs everywhere.

- See more at:

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