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Bitcoin acceptance point: Law 4 Small Business

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Law 4 Small Business

Glendale Ave NE 9510
NM 87122 Albuquerque


Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) is the brainchild of its founder, Larry Donahue, sprung forth after almost 15 years as a Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Counsel for a number of high-tech companies and startups.

As a corporate counsel, Larry dealt with three certainties in his career.

First, your typical small business owner or executive doesn’t have the time, training or patience to consider the legal impacts of his or her daily decisions, and how they could transform into costly mistakes for the future. Or, how the right decisions around legal issues could create wonderful returns, profits and/or cost-savings down the road.

Second, your typical law firm loves to provide legal services to businesses, yet oftentimes demands retainer fees, won’t be available after hours, and almost never accepts credit cards. As a corporate counsel, Larry found it difficult to find attorneys who really understood the needs of business, and would be willing to lose a few battles for the sake of winning the war (for some attorneys, the need to “zealously represent their client” makes them inflexible and difficult to work with, at best).

Third, legal representation early in the game (like good medicine) helps avoid costly problems in the future. For example, many business owners don’t stop to consider that every contract placed in front of them is negotiable (i.e. even a lease). By negotiating more favorable terms now, a business can potentially save thousands when the relationship ends.

Therefore, L4SB was born to address what Larry sees as shortcomings to legal representation for small business.

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