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Bitcoin acceptance point: Wageni Technologies

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Wageni Technologies

Tel: +254731980000

We are an established Information and Communication Technology [ICT] company dealing in the development and sale of brand name and custom IT products, solutions and services.

Wageni Technologies was established in 2005 as a computer hardware distribution company. Our primary objective was to help upcoming businesses that wanted to computerize their operations but were looking for flexible and customer friendly terms. We also participated in a significant measure in introducing and promoting the use of computers in learning institutions.

We later made it our fundamental objective to deliver integrated business solutions designed to help organizations move to enterprise computing in this rapidly evolving technology landscape. The gradual acquisition of market experience and a loyal substantial client base over these years has enabled Wageni Technologies to position itself strategically as a computer and telecommunication equipment and service vendor.

Wageni Technologies strategy is to become a leading East African ICT company of choice by applying world class technology solutions to support all forms of organizations. Today, our contributions to the Kenyan IT market have given growth to many Government and Non-Governmental organizations, cooperative societies, colleges, SMEs and large corporations.

We also keep ourselves constantly in touch with technological changes by active and continuous research. We study these new inventions and innovations to examine their practical feasibility, pre-test and customize the solutions to best fit our clients needs before we roll them out to the market. It’s also our objective to assess the changing preferences and wants of our target market and adjust accordingly to meet those needs.

We have devoted our efforts to providing quality products and services at very competitive prices to our market.

Our vision is to be a leading state of the art technology company in the East African region offering quality products and services backed with strong technical support.

We are guided by our mission statement that: We shall offer a wide range of world class ICT products and services, at the most competitive pricing, to become a one stop shop technology provider that opens new horizons for our clients in the East African region.

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