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We Trust in Us - we Trust in Society - we Trust in Bitcoin

Where you can spend or earn Bitcoin?

LaCita pIL: von hudy99The number of shops and businesses where you can pay with Bitcoin is steadily increasing. The Bitcoin Location Platform shows life on a map where you can find shops and businesses. Through the optional GPS control, you can see exactly the locations that are currently in the vicinity. Anyone is able to mark his own points on the map.

Bitcoin Location (BTCLoc) is based on our LaCita technology. This let you get in interaction with potential customers.

Each Bitcoin Location is labeled with a QR code that visitors can scan. They receive points, which puts them in competition with other participants.

How to create your own Bitcoin Location is shown in the video. Existing Bitcoin Location's can be easily taken over by the owner of the location and provided with additional contents.


My Bitcoin Lightning Gift for you.

Bitcoin Lightning are "real" Bitcoin that can be sent in a flash quickly and with almost no Fees.

Get your LaFiche Bonbon to Claim Satoshi

08:11:49Bonbon 'One Shot' 4 Satoshi


Scane den Code mit einer Lightning Wallet um die Bitcoin zu bekommen

Download a Lightning Wallet (Wallet Of Satohi) to your Smartphone and get the Bitcoin now without Obligation. Registration and Authentication is not required! The Gift Box can be looted regularly and it will be refilled automatically when it is empty. Just have a look. Scan the QR Code and Seconds later the Bitcoin will be in your App...

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